How do you learn to skate?

With a little determination, knowing the right techniques and a little practice, learning to skate is easy and a lot of fun. Before long, you will be out there gliding confidently and showing off your new skills. Whether your goal is to skate backward, spin really fast, score a goal or win a race, we have the know-how to help. Remember, just like you, every champion had to begin with a few easy lessons!

Have fun and be safe!

The sport of ice skating can be enjoyed in many ways. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy ice skating, always show courtesy toward others. Skating is best enjoyed when it is done safely. Here are a few simple rules to follow to have the best possible experience on ice!

Skills Cards

Safe Skating Rules

Fun & Games

Show off your creative spirit! Let all of the fun you are having at the rink inspire your inner artist.

Download and print these unique activity pages below and get started right away.


Snowplow Sam coloring page

Ice resurfacer coloring page

Center ice coloring page

How to Dress Like a Skater

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